We have recently seen unprecedented levels of interest in diversity and inclusion, and this has prompted us to look at how we can help you, wherever your organisation may be situated on the journey.  Whether you need assistance establishing a diversity framework, or have been working towards a diverse and inclusive workplace for some time, we are committed to using our expertise to help organisations make the right decisions and get results.  Our mission is to stay one step ahead so that we can help you navigate for success.
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Newsletter In this newsletter, we turn our attention to the effective implementation of diversity and inclusion in organisations.

Taking a backwards glance, we can see how much time and energy has been spent on developing the business case for diversity, inclusion and flexibility initiatives. The case has usually comprised a smorgasbord of facts and figures on the direct impact of these initiatives on employee related objectives (eg increased well-being and job satisfaction) and organisational outcomes (eg a reduction in turnover). Really, there is little more to say on the business case - and its strength is reflected in international research we have previously profiled (eg the World Economic Forum's 2010  Global gender gap report  and the Goldman Sachs' 2009 Research report  Australia's Hidden Resource:  The economic case for female participation.

Much less attention has been devoted to connecting diversity, inclusion and flexibility initiatives to broader issues of organisational change, and the critical role played by a diversity manager in implementing change. The aim of this newsletter is to highlight research on the "how to" of implementing diversity and inclusion. In particular we profile research on setting up diversity managers for success and a best practice case study in Australia, research on moving flexibility from the margins to the mainstream and finally research on the importance of job redesign to facilitate work/life and gender equity goals.

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